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The Majority United is privileged, honored and excited to introduce our 2010 TMU Advisory Board.

These outstanding women have served their communities and professions with a passion for Women's Equality and Rights for the majority of their lives. Their commitment to, knowledge of, and experience in Women's Rights issues not only serve as an inspiration to Women everywhere, but is why The Majority United sent out the call to these remarkable Women and why they answered !

Thank you Majority United Advisory Board Members !

BETTY JEAN KLING - TMU Founder, Educator/Activist

Betty Jean Kling ("BJ") is founder of The Majority United and has several undergraduate degrees and teaching certifications from Felician College in Lodi, New Jersey and graduate degrees from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA, with a Masters in education.

In addition to serving as President of The Majority United, Betty Jean is also National Secretary of The American Reform Party, and served extensively as New Jersey Campaign Coordinator for Ross Perot's Presidential Campaign. She ran for legislative office as an Independent candidate in 1993/1995. Betyy Jean currently serves the following organizations:

Violence Against Women:

Founding Member: Federal Domestic Violence Oversight Committee
Domestic Violence Advisory Committee: Women's Legal Resource
Advisory Board Member: Survivors In Action
Advisory Board Member: Crime Victim Organization Network
Advisory Board Member: Beginning Over

Political Affiliations:

Member: PA CleanSweep
Coordinator: Franklin, County PA CleanSweep
Founded: USA CleanSweep
Author: The Patriot Plan: Voter Imposed Term Limits

Betty Jean is not just a lifelong Women's Activist; she states: "I was born a Women's Activist!"

More about Betty Jean Kling's views on her FreeMeNow! Blog FreeUsNow!... here...  

Bravo Betty Jean !


ALEXIS A. MOORE - Activist - Founder of Crime Victim Organization Network

Ms. Moore is an expert in cyberstalking, traditional stalking, identity theft, credit collections, domestic violence and privacy protection.

She is the founder of Crime Victim Organization Network, President of Survivors In Action national crime victims' organization and host of Taking Action Radio. She is a director for Witness Justice National Crime Victim’s Organization and Women’s Legal Resource.  She is an Advisory board member of The Beginning Over Foundation and The Weaker Vessel.

Ms. Moore has become the “go-to person” for issues pertaining to domestic abuse, stalking, privacy protection, identity theft and credit collections as well as the new phenomenon, cyber stalking. Ms. Moore and a group of individuals and organizations from across the nation are lobbying to create the nation's first Federal Domestic Violence Oversight Committee and leading what is known today as the DV REFORM movement.

More about Alexis A. Moore... here...    Bravo Alexis !


CONNIE KAFKA - Professional Writer/Editor

Connie Kafta is a graduate of Benedictine College, with a BA in English. She brings extensive experience to TMU as a professional writer/editor and marketing, public relations and communications consultant. Connie will provide strategic and tactical organizational development to TMU in our efforts to take TMU nationwide.

Connie has broad-based public relations expertise in a variety of industry:

  • Intira Corp., Pleasanton, CA  -  IT - E-Commerce
  • L.A. County/University of Southern California Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA - Medical - Health
  • L.A. County Supervisor Edmund D. Edelman (former), Los Angeles, CA - Municipal Government

And, if you want to know a little more about Connie's "qualifications":

 Read... "This is the Democrats' worst nightmare"...    Bravo Connie !



Ann R. Augustine is a graduate of California State College, with a BA in Political Science.

We will be posting more information on Ann as soon as possible.

Bravo Ann !


SANDY OESTREICH  - Nurse Practitioner Writer/Editor

Founder/President, National Equal Rights Alliance, Inc. for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, finally.

VP, National ERA Fund, Inc.

Prof. Emerita, Adelphi U, NY

Exec. Committee, U. South Florida Advisory Board

Former elected official, Co-author, internationally distributed pharmacology reference texts

Married, mother of two. Biographied in the new Feminists Who Changed America


Bravo Sandy !


CHRISTY LYNN SHERBROOK – Licensed Attorney and Writer

Christy Lynn Sherbrook is a graduate of Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois, with a B.A. in Philosophy and English and later graduated from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama, the state in which she is licensed to practice. She coached Cumberland’s National Arbitration Team to two consecutive national showings (plus one as a student) and taught “Criminal Evidence” at a local college. Christy brings to the table legal and philosophical insight, sarcasm, and humor, and plans to assist with writing/editing/communications/rallying until all women stand together united, despite our differences.

Christy is a married mother of a toddler daughter who she is working hard to protect and educate. Christy enjoys coaching competitive volleyball and has studied Shorei Goju karate since she was seven years old.



Madeline Brooks is an activist concerned with stopping Islamic infiltration and terrorism in our country. She is a chapter head of the national organization, ACTforAmerica. This organization was started by Brigitte Gabriel to stop the spread of Islamisation here. Madeline is also a writer, especially interested in issues regarding jihad and conservative issues in general. Her articles have appeared in the American Thinker, Hudson NY, Family Security Matters, Canada Free Press, and other places.

Madeline will be our expert advisor about soft jihad, the infiltration plans of the Muslim Brotherhood which were formed decades ago, and the mega-mosque planned at Ground Zero as an expression of those infiltration ambitions.



Jody Ortiz is a ghost writer and editor, and video and Web designer. She attended St. Gregory’s University in Oklahoma with a major in Business Management and Finance. She changed her career focus to writing in 2003 and has since ghost written over 100 books in various genres and is a contributor to various writing courses.

Jody is on the board of, and the boards of advisors for and Jody, along with other wrongful conviction advocates started the Freedom March, a nationwide march on state capitols ( to bring awareness to wrongful convictions. Jody’s home state of Oklahoma is number one in the nation for imprisoning women; an inconceivable statistic that needs to change.

After seeking legal advice to end the cyber bullying and stalking that Jody has suffered since speaking out about a wrongful conviction, she utilized her attorney's advice and has since become a survivor. Her story is shared through her blog and book, The Naked Truth Bound in Scorn Proceeds are donated to an organization that assists victims of cyber bullies as well as one that houses and educates single moms so they will have an alternative to abortion. To learn more about Jody, visit



Jocelyn Andersen is an author and speaker who does not take no for an answer. In 2006, after writing a book based on her experience and insights into navigating the minefield of domestic violence, she was ignored by most literary agents and then bluntly told by one that what she had to say needed to be heard, but no Christian publisher would touch her because she challenged the advice and motives of well known and well respected names in the Christian Family media/publishing industry.

Not a problem. Jocelyn started her own publishing company, and since 2007—although finances for promoting her book were slim—Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, has been read by close to 10,000 people. Upon release, its impact was immediate, which gained the book much deserved media attention. Jocelyn continues to receive testimonials to the difference Woman Submit! has made in the lives of those who have read it. Today, free from the oppression of domestic violence, and free to pursue the work and ministry she loves, Jocelyn is the author of five books on a variety of subjects and walks in victory, joy, and forgiveness. She firmly believes that others can do the same.

Through Jesus Christ and the principles found in his word, Jocelyn successfully turned the lemons of domestic violence and professional rejection into lemonade! She is passionate about sharing the hope and help she has found in Jesus while helping others overcome obstacles in their own lives.

Her next book, "Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery & the Evangelical Caste System," is scheduled for release in July of 2010.



Janice Levinson holds a BA degree from Saint Leo University in Florida. She is a former teacher and protective mother of 3 grown children. She was a victim of the corrupt family court system for over a decade. After divorcing her wealthy and abusive ex husband, Janice had full legal and physical custody of all three children. By the time her youngest aged out of the system she lost custody of her children, due to family court corruption. Janice was never accused of any wrong doing as she was an outstanding stay at home mother.

Janice is currently a nurse working on her BSN with a background in Psychiatric nursing.

Janice along with Lundy Bancroft co-founded Protective Mothers Alliance International in April of 2009. Since then PMA has acquired more than 65 state chapter leaders in 30 states and several countries world-wide. They have started a PMA blog talk radio show dealing with the many issues that involve the continued abuse by fathers through the family court system. Featured guests on the blog talk radio show are professional advocates in the movement with a special spot light on giving protective mothers a platform to tell their story.

Janice and Lundy have started a PMA INTL . news letter "The Guardian Of Truth " which is another vehicle for education and exposure about family court corruption. Janice continues to move forward full force in shining the light on the truth about the many problems that children and protective mothers face in family court.




Hello, please let me introduce myself, my name is Linda Rivera and I was a victim of domestic violence which culminated with a brutal assault that left me hospitalized with head trauma and a broken bone of which required surgery as well as necessary follow up physical therapy. While the physical scars healed the mental scars have required many years of mental health therapy to rehabilitate the mind.

As a victim, advocate and researcher of domestic violence I have documented that there is indeed a pattern that many of these violent abusers follow. The blueprint of this violent abuser is one who does not take responsibility both personal and financial for their actions. The latter, leaving most domestic violence victims to have to fend for themselves with regard to medical treatment. Quite often the worst effects of this violent act are the long lasting issues that the victim will have in dealing with future relationships, most often dealing with trust. Coupled with this is the fact that our country to this day still has some of the slimmest Domestic Violence laws with regard to protecting the victim. To augment the victim’s quandary, Domestic Violence Organizations and coalitions that are chartered to help victims like myself, offer little or no help which further exasperates the plight of the Domestic Violence victim.

Currently I live in Woodhaven, Queens and am an active volunteer for the only National Domestic Violence Database. This database is the result of the efforts of “The Weaker Vessel Inc.” which was created and is controlled by Myra Spearman. Due to my efforts Myra has asked me to become a board member. As a result I was able to leverage my network of people to attract and contract an independent artist, J-Harris whose song and lyrics fit the cause of Domestic Violence prevention. At this time I can proudly boast that J-Harris is the official spokesperson of The Weaker Vessel. His song “I’ll Make It Up To U” is not only the theme song for the site but it speaks loudly and clearly for any victim who has felt the ire of Domestic Violence or any other type of abusive relationship.

Our database while still in its infancy has a well defined purpose. It is a free comprehensive resource that is now available to the public. Now anyone and everyone can go on-line to see if the person they are dating has been abusive in a past relationship without having to pay expensive court costs or other fees imposed by a third party information broker. Please help us build our database? At this time I am the first person in the New York area to have listed my abuser (Cooper Rego) in the database. This database is vital to the safety of all women and is something that is long overdue. It is based on this that I am appealing for governmental help on the federal level much to the same as “Megan’s Law”.




LINDA MARIE SACKS – Women's Advocate

Linda Marie Sacks is a national advocate speaking out about the National Crisis in the US. There is an injustice is to Mothers and children of Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse who ask the family courts for protection, with documented abuse and sadly are placed on Supervised Visitation or all contact is terminated and batterers are getting custody 70% of the time.

As Co-Chair of the Fl NOW Child Custody and Family Court Committee, the most alarming statistic was from the American Bar Association, regarding Batterers and Child Custody. Batterers ask for Sole Custody in Family Courts and get it 70% of the time. Imagine, a Batterer, a parent , with documented DV and abuse to the child or children, either physical and or sexual abuse to the children, and a Mom files for divorce and enters the family court system to protect her children, 70% of the time the batterer gets unsupervised contact and gets sole physical custody.

DV is on the rise as you know, and Mothers who do stand up to protect their children, often lose their children, because of it, and then the abuser gets custody, and the Mother gets supervised visitation, or loses all contact. This is a national crisis all over the US. I would like to address this very important topic, as Mothers and children who are victims of DV and whose children are victims of child physical and or sexual abuse, are losing custody to the identified abuser, through the family courts and child protective services.

My daughter’s teacher said “if you, of all Mothers, can lose custody of your children, America better wake up, because if you can, anyone can”.





Elizabeth Baca is the producer for The Majority United’s blogtalkradio show. Having grown up in a classically abusive home, Liz is helping to ensure that the voices of those like her are heard. Liz does not like to be called a survivor or a victim, she prefers being called a fighter!
As a member of the advisory board for TMU, Liz will be focusing her persistence and patience on making TMU a guiding light and unifying force for all women and children in need. It was hard to get Liz to give us a summary of herself -- she wrote:
“ I’m new to being an activist, so I don’t have any real history at doing this. I feel a bit intimidated with everyone else being founders of groups, speakers, writers, lawyers etc. I’m just me, I want to change things and be involved. The being involved is helping me grow in ways I hadn’t because of my childhood. I don’t use that as an excuse, I guess I just wasn’t ready till now.

I love the arts, I’m a very sympathetic type personality. I listen. I’m the one in the background that makes sure things happen the way they are supposed to. I can be outspoken for those that are in need, but never myself.

In short, no pedigree but dedicated to helping women and children and I would be extremely humbled to be included in such august company.”
I am humbled to know Liz and have her at my side—she is a go getter, a self starter and a hard worker, sincere, forthright, dedicated and trustworthy. And most of all Liz is loyal!





Maria DiBari, advocating for legislative change for all domestic violence victims in NYS and author of A Movement Against Domestic Violence ( Maria has worked with state public officials on getting domestic abuse legislation introduced, such as an extension to the statute of limitations for abuse victims and an Amendment to the Criminal Law Procedure in NY. She has been a volunteer advocate for Survivors in Action for 3 years and is currently advocating for "Linda's Law" in NYS so that offenders will be held accountable and victims protected. In the past, Maria has helped countless domestic violence victims reach out for help and has developed the "Victim's Template" designed to teach women how to get the help they need when reaching out to resources. Currently, Maria is moving forward with expanding Survivors in Action by opening a non-profit in NYS, Survivors in Action NY that will mainly focus on legislative reform for victims in NYS.


TMU Founder, Betty Jean Kling

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